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At Made Man Barbershop, they aren’t bluffing. This shop is a living period-piece that stays heavy on the style, light on chatter and is filled with working antiques from the 20s and 30s.

Every detail from the crisp, custom Belmont chairs to reclaimed wood paneling accented by soft recess lighting, is tailored to give their customers a unique experience.

“The real art of barbering is being attentive to your customer and give someone an experience,” owner Sam Chulpayev explains.

That experience is an efficient one. Made Man boasts 18 full-time barbers dressed to impress, speaking sparingly and sculpting their client’s vision of their best self. The shop is quiet; its service offerings remain respectful of their patrons’ time and desire to have some moments to themselves. Like us, you will be hard pressed to find a single appointment run over the allotted 20 minute slot.

It’s also worth checking out the tips and trends section on their site, which shows off cuts and styles that are on the rise, in case you need a little help making up your mind.

Pro Tip: don’t make an appointment on your first visit so you have time to embrace the ambiance and enjoy one of their fantastic complimentary drinks.


  • You value a holistic experience of getting your haircut
  • You don’t like to wait
  • You love the a vintage vibe
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